i’m always bitching.

So I've recently come to a sad realization: for whatever reason, men don't seem to like me. Why I believe this to be true is because men literally never approach me. I could be at the gas station, grocery store, club/bar, whatever.... I'm never approached. And I'm sure it sounds silly. You may be wondering... Continue Reading →


Writing is my first love. It started young, although I can't remember an age. I do remember being in 5th and 6th grade and attempting to write whole books. I would plan on writing chapter books about some teenager and their beautiful life (the teenager being an ideal version of myself), but never making it... Continue Reading →

Millennium Tour 2019

Disclaimer: In regards to all the videos included in this post, you'll have to excuse all of the obnoxious yelling and singing -- I was living my best life, and extremely under the influence. Now that that's clear... If you're an 80s or 90s baby, I'm sure you've heard of the Millennium Tour. It's the... Continue Reading →

The perfect love.

it happens with no expectations. we didn't force it. we didn't try to control it. it was organic. two people who vibe, connect + enjoy one another. it is focused. and by focused i mean our focus is on each other. we didn't worry about what other people thought of us or how they viewed... Continue Reading →

Trap Music Museum.

Yesterday, October 5th, I went to the Trap Music Museum. The Trap Music Museum is a museum centered around the history and progression of trap music. Created by T.I., it commemorates the 15th anniversary of his album, Trap Muzik. Designed like a trap house, the museum has intricate features in "grandma's living room", "Gucci Mane's... Continue Reading →

to my newer followers:

I've followed a nice amount of new blogs in the past few months and I've noticed something. As I read all of your posts and feel inspired by them and get a glimpse into each person's experiences, opinions, and writing styles, I realized I don't produce enough content for my new followers to have an... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry #1.

June 12, 2018 3:01am edited: 6/24/18 12:08am I just came to the conclusion that we can be whatever we want in life. It took me awhile to realize this, but for most of my life I was only being what other people thought was acceptable or what society wanted me to be. I have never... Continue Reading →

young women.

I pray you don't feel like you have to find validation in social media likes. I pray you always know you're important, worthy, and beautiful, despite who thinks so or not. I pray you don't let these young men dictate your life. It's perfectly okay to have companionship, however, I pray that you always keep... Continue Reading →

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